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Wheelwell Username Decals (2 Pack)

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Before you order, make sure you've chosen a custom Wheelwell username (see the instructions below if you haven't!). A username is a short custom name you can choose to match your existing social media names to make it easy for people to find you on Wheelwell. Usernames take the form @username and shouldn't be confused with your URL (, this is different and too long to look cool on a decal 😎.

Display your username on your ride or anywhere else to promote your Wheelwell profile.

• Enter your Wheelwell username in the order notes on cart page

• Super durable, precision hand-cut vinyl decals

• Ships in pairs

How to choose your custom username

  1. Login and go to your Garage.
  2. Click the white gear icon just below the Add a Vehicle button. You'll see a new section called Public Username.
  3. Enter the username you'd like to have and click the Check Availability button.
  4. If available, your username will show up under your real name in your Garage as @username (see the image above with @gonzo).
Now for someone to find you, all they have to do is click on Search and enter your username.

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