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Sabelt RS-400 Racing Shoes

Sabelt RS-400 Racing Shoes

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Model: RS-400

Homologation: FIA 8856-2000

Colors: White Camel Leather with Red, Black, Blue Nomex Fabric

Sizes: 36-48 EU

Fastening: Laces, Velcro Ankle Strap

Material: Camel Leather and Nomex Fabric

Oil & Fuel Resistant Soles

Made in Italy


Sabelt’s patented Digit Sole was developed exclusively for professional driving purposes. The soft rubber has calibrated thicknesses for ideal pedal feeling: not too hard, but not too soft. The grip design is crucial to prevent the foot from slipping on the pedals. The grooves are made to run horizontally on the sole for less resistance of movement from a pedal to another (brake-throttle) while still preventing slippage top-down on the brake pedals.


Sabelt has incorporated a leather “spring” area on the back of the RS-400 shoes in the Achilles tendon area to provide increased flexibility and comfort. The push and release of the pedals puts stress on this area of the driver’s foot, and this unique feature allows increased movement while still providing proper support around the ankle.


Sabelt uses top quality leathers and stitching techniques for their shoes to ensure maximum longevity. With these types of materials, the more the shoe is worn the better it will feel (i.e. broken in). Replacing shoes frequently is not preferred in environments where comfort is critical to performance. A driver can experience an increase in comfort and foot-pedal feeling over time in a well-designed shoe crafted from high quality materials.


Sabelt pays close attention to areas of the shoe that experiences more demand and wear. The heel area on the Sabelt shoes is important because it is almost always in contact with a surface. Sabelt shoes are designed to anticipate the additional stress on the heel area by creating a comfortable solution which is both strong and long lasting.


Using a combination of soft camel leather and ultra-lightweight Nomex fabric, the RS-400 shoe is nearly 20% lighter than other comparable racing shoes while still meeting all FIA 8856-2000 criteria.


Breathable Nomex Fabric enhances driver comfort


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