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Sabelt Fireproof Racing Suit TI-331

Sabelt Fireproof Racing Suit TI-331

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Comfort and Design:

In recent years, there is an increasing amount of resources dedicated to understanding the relationship between a driver’s comfort to their reactivity and overall safety. What has been identified from these studies is that driver comfort is related to many aspects of the driver’s suit including fitment, weight savings, softness, and breathability.


Sabelt’s standard suits are sized and designed with the goal of providing a well fit suit that looks like it was tailored for the driver. The sizing chart provides options ranging from size 46 to size 66 (M – XL), with the ability to request a tailored made to measure suit from Italy.


Different types of materials are used to achieve the maximum weight savings, breathability, softness, overall comfort and durability which are found in the complete range of suit models offered by Sabelt. Sabelt also ensures that the overall design and methods of suit construction always compliment the specific materials used in the production for each suit model to offer maximum driver comfort.


Sabelt uses the ultra-flat seam technique on the complete range of driver suits, which does not leave stiff raised areas on the inside of the suit that leads to driver discomfort and chafing. The ultra-flat seam technique is used for the entire suit range to provide optimal driver comfort regardless of model.


Sabelt focuses on maximum suit breathability without compromising safety through extensive material testing which is done in house. Reducing the driver’s core temperature can prevent fatigue and loss of concentration which results in optimum driver performance through a stint or session. Managing body temperature is an important aspect in any form of professional motorsport or track use, especially when ambient temperatures are higher.

Quality and Construction:

Sabelt’s commitment to driver safety technology is supported by their in house development, testing and manufacturing capabilities. This includes a complete testing laboratory, the latest CAD design software, and fabric manufacturing facilities.

Sabelt’s internal test criteria and programs have been developed to duplicate the criteria specific to FIA regulations. The tests are repeatedly performed on each batch of fabric as part of the extensive quality control process and procedure. This has allowed Sabelt the ability to explore different materials, fabrics, suit construction, techniques, all while streamlining the validation process for certification and homologation.


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