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Sabelt FIA Approved Racing Seat GT-140L RFSEGT140L

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The GT-140 uses a proven motorsports design with great side, lateral, and shoulder support.

Sizing Advantage:

Instead of using one shell with different padding / foam inserts, Sabelt has produce a medium, large, and extra-large shell to better suit a drivers position and body type. By using a unique shell for each size, Sabelt has also been able to reduce the amount of padding needed to fit smaller drivers (Padding can add 3+ lbs. to a seat)

Compatible with 3, 4, or 6-point harnesses



Gel-coated FRP construction allows Sabelt to produce a complete range of full bucket seats, with individually sized shells to meet the needs of various drivers and body types. FRP material is also used for its’ strength characteristics while maintaining an economical price point. All Sabelt full bucket seats produced using FRP do meet the safety requirements for FIA certification.



The standard race bucket design provides an increased range of vision while driving, and is easier to get in and out of.



Larger harness slots allow greater adjustability and routing of the harnesses to aid in driver comfort and safety, especially important in taller drivers. Shoulder slots on the Sabelt seats are angled to follow the curve of the driver’s shoulders.



HANS compatible seats have been design to provide enough space to allow the head to be as close as possible to the seat shell with a HANS device. Without this feature the position of the drivers head with the Hans collar created discomfort.

All of the race seats in Sabelt’s program have been designed based on the specific tests and specifications provided by FIA to be used with a Hans Device.



The traditional two pieces’ backrest and base cushion is made up of only one piece and improves the lumbar filling of seat and driver’s comfort.



Horizontal seams help the circulation of air and reduce back perspiration. Managing body temperature is an important aspect in any form of professional motorsport or track use, especially when ambient temperatures are higher. The priority of the Sabelt seats is to provide the structure to keep the driver safe while providing solutions to increase the comfort so that the driver’s full focus can be on performing.



Leg padding on the Sabelt seat range has been determined by the use of an anatomic OEM mannequin to determine the proper thickness of the foam for optimal driver position. 

The leg padding is removable in all Sabelt race seat models. This is important for adjustability and the need of replacement on an area subject to greater wear.

There are also drivers who prefer to have custom foam inserts designed for their bodies and seating position, so the ability to remove the padding on the seat is important.

Many Sabelt models have split foam legs to enhance the movement of the drivers left and right legs. The independent movement reduces the resistance needed for the leg movement.



Sabelt seat covers and cushions are produced to compliment the ergonomic design of the seat shell. The fabric used is a porous material that prevents body movement for improved support. This is important in the case of an accident, and allows the driver to have high concentration and focus when driving.



How can I find out if the seat fits in my car?

  1. The seat measurement chart including in the product listing includes the external measurements of the Sabelt seats. It is important to measure the room in your vehicle prior to placing the order to verify proper fitment of the seat.

How do I know which size I should order?

  1. The seat measurement chart including in the product listing includes the internal measurements of the Sabelt seats. Shoulder area and hip room need to be reviewed based on your body type before placing the order. Proper and comfortable fitment are important criteria when ordering an FIA approved race seat.

How do I install the seat?

  1. Sabelt Racing Seats are not vehicle specific.

Proper mounting, fitment, and required hardware are the responsibilities of the installer.

This Sabelt seat is designed to use side mounts with a 290mm hole spacing.


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