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RI-A 18x9.5 'Track Package' Die Forged Aluminum Wheel RIA003MGR-09.30.033

RI-A 18x9.5 'Track Package' Die Forged Aluminum Wheel RIA003MGR-09.30.033

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The BBS RI-A is truly another landmark product from BBS. A track oriented die forged aluminum wheel also suitable for road use, the BBS RI-A utilizes unique net shape forgings developed for cross platform utilization, providing maximum strength and stiffness while also reducing weight and machining time. Additional features include optimized beam profiles, back milled spokes, anti-slip bead areas and steel lug seat inserts for maximum attention to detail and longevity.  All at an innovatively affordable price.


18x9.5, 5x114.3, ET22, PFS, Matt Graphite, 19.45lbs.


2008-2016 Mitsubishi EVO X - Standard Fitment

2006-2007 Mitsubishi EVO IX - Standard Fitment

2003-2005 Mitsubishi EVO VIII - Standard Fitment

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